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LCBRewards FAQ

Confused about anything? Please don’t hesitate to find your answers in the following section, or reach out to us.

Why am I pre-registering?

Currently, all of the programming for LCBRewards is in development, and is due out in the next couple of weeks. By pre-registering, you can start to build your levels right away. This way, when the site goes live, you can start making money right away!

What is the difference between LocalCommunityBlast and LCBRewards?

LCBRewards is an amped up version of Local Community Blast. The same mailers are used, but the process to create your ads is more streamlined and through the use of LCBRewards, you can make revenue by placing the ads you would have been doing anyway.

I am still confused about the program. Can I get additional information?

Certainly! We are here to help. Please download the following brochure to get you started. Still have additional questions? Send us an email by clicking the button to the right.

I forgot the Membership Number of the person who referred me. Can I add it at a later time?

Yes, you will be able to add this at a later time. Please contact us, as we may be able to help you look up that information through the users name or business.